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Welcome to The Cocot fashion agency. We specialize in formulating business strategy, store opening and management, marketing, brand development, merchandising, P.R. and wholesale.

With us, you’ll find a proactive team with the vision and experience to grow your business around the Americas, from Anchorage to Ushuaia.

The cocot


Mima Aubert (Retail Expert and Stylist – The Mother) – More than 25 years managing fashion retail and buying for multi-brand stores. Her key to success is leading the team with good sales techniques + team management to magnify the brand.

Gabriel Monti (Business Strategist – The Father) – The rational part in The Cocot’s team but with fashion in his blood. Gabriel is the one studying the potential every brand has in our markets, choosing the right locations to open stores, deciding which trade shows are the correct ones to each brand. His obsession: knowing everything possible about the brands we represent and their customers.

Flo Monti (Communication & Fashion Expert – The Daughter) – She started to work in the family business at the age of sixteen years old and kept doing it while she was in college. Once she graduated, she flew by herself living in 7 different countries working in fashion communication and PR until the family proposed to her to be part of this project. She is the one that adapts the brand implementation strategy to the American mindset. Her must: every culture thinks in a different way and we need to adapt the way to communicate the brand values to that thinking process. A curiosity about Flo: She wrote a book about styling.

The team


“We work hand by hand with our clients as it was our own brand/product. From the price positioning to where to open a store, every little detail makes the difference in the actual market”. 




Wholesale and



Store opening and



Online store and



PR, Communications and

Social Media

This is a great time. Business, as usual, does not exist anymore. Change means new opportunity.


Every single thing we do is a personal matter. We choose clients that we love and we believe in.  For them, we elaborate the sales strategy, pricing, markups, sizing, trade-shows where to participate… Everything your brand will need to grow. Do we grow together?




From choosing the right location to manage the construction of the store, to solving everyday little problems, payrolls, team building, sales techniques training, schedules, visual merchandising, and collections adapted to the area… 

We will handle every little detail at the stores, as if the brand itself.  


As frontiers between brick & mortar and E-commerce are blurring, we use a holistic approach to design online stores using the latest trends in the market with a self-manage structure, stock control, online logistics from brick and mortar… everything you need to push sales and help the client get to know the brand in some clicks.

online store and logistics



Brand positioning is the key to success in a world full of visual impacts. Since events were to participate to in-store activations or press showroom. 

  • Showroom USA and Caribean starting in FW19

  • Store opening at Brickell City Centre (Miami)

  • Master Franchise

  • Brand strategy

  • PR and Social Media


  • Showroom USA and Caribbean 

  • Store opening planned for 2019

  • Master Franchise

  • Brand strategy

  • PR and Social Media

  • Showroom USA and the Caribbean​​​

  • Best Collection winner Barcelona Fashion Week

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Head Office:

223 E Flagler St. - Suite 503

Miami, FL 33131


+1 (347) 885 1516

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